Smaller Mira White Sandal by See Kai Run


Smaller Mira White Sandal

These sweet white sandals are perfect for all summer long!

  • Handcrafted from butter-soft sheepskin leather
  • Soft suede sole with non-slip rubber pads
  • Adjustable Velcro closures make shoes easy to get on and ensure a great fit
  • Breathable leather insole and lining

About See Kai Run:

In 2002 Cause Haun gave birth to a little boy named Kai. Two years later, she gave birth to a company called See Kai Run. See Kai Run was inspired by the need for comfortable shoes with flexible soles for her little Kai to wear outdoors. Cause wanted to create a line of shoes that was as happening as Kai – bold, hip, fun, with an urban sensibility. Something entirely different than what was offered.

See Kai Run shoes are healthy for developing feet. The soles are made of extremely flexible rubber which is great for outdoor use while allowing the foot to flex in all the right places. They’re also made of butter soft leather with a breathable leather lining and padded collars for comfort. Finally, See Kai Run shoes are easy to get on and off with Velcro closures that ensure a great fit.

I adore this line of shoes, and find all their styles unique and creative.  I am always left wishing I had a pair big enough for my feet.

See Kai Run Printable Sizing Chart
Click here to print See Kai Run’s sizing chart (make sure you print it out at 100% for accurate sizing) and use it to find out the best size for your child.