Bird Grasping and Teething Toy by Little Sapling Toys


Bird Grasping and Teething Toy

I really like the look of this sweet bird shaped teething toy.

Solid maple grasping and teething animals are ideal for babies to grasp and chew. Each animal is sanded satin smooth and left unfinished.

A perfect shower gift or baby's first toy, one of these adorable teething animals also makes a charming topper for a beautifully packaged gift.

Maple sanded satin smooth with no finish.
Dimensions: 3.75" from beak to tail, 2.25" back to belly, 1.5" diameter center hole

About Little Sapling Toys:

Each Grasping and Teething Animal is handcrafted to perfection for years of enjoyment, and will vary slightly from the toy pictured.

The wood used for their toys are either reclaimed or FSC Certified hardwood, and are sanded satin-smooth. They use a local beeswax and organic jojoba oil finish to bring out the natural beauty of the woods, but their teethers are left bare.

These wooden toys are created by a family in Boise, Idaho who design, crafts and tests each of their quality wooden toys.

Their goals are to make toys that will be beautiful to look at, fun to play with and cherished for generations. They hope these toys will be passed from our children to theirs.