Our Children's Gorilla

This is such a great company. Some of the designs are a bit more modern then I like and some of the other designs absolutely engage my mind with the brilliance of creativity used. This company truly has a good sense of humor with an enlightened sense of imagination that is fresh and beckoning. If I could I would have most of the line in the store, but many of the prices are more then I know people would spend at a children’s store, and are better suited (unfortunately) for design purposes. However, even with a conscious eye I will continue to add products from this line to my store.

Our Children’s Gorilla designs and produces children’s paraphernalia. Their products always encourage the use of imagination and creativity. They have an ever-growing collection of environmentally friendly products made of carefully selected materials that are superior in quality. They work with both in house designers and free lance designers. They strive to produce timeless classics with a good sense of humor.